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Get the Most From Your RV Lifestyle With an Electric Bike

Recreational vehicle owners appreciate the freedom that comes from the open road, as every mile traveled brings the potential for new adventure. No matter if you go on long trips with your children or you’re enjoying your retirement, the highway is a huge part of your lifestyle. Once you’ve reached your vacation destination, what’s the best way to explore your surroundings? You could bring a car, motorcycle or all-terrain vehicle, but they’re noisy, expensive and require special trailers for towing. Here’s why an RV electric bike from E-Lux Electric Bikes is a must-have for any serious adventurer.

Benefits of Electric Bikes

Many RV destinations are on smaller country roads, and it’s not always easy to use your large vehicle to head out on short hops for sightseeing, groceries and other errands. When you bring an electric bike along on your trip, you’ll gain maximum flexibility from a few key features:

  • Smaller size that doesn’t necessitate a trailer for hauling

  • Speeds up to 23 miles per hour

  • Travel range of nearly 30 miles

  • Easy overnight charging

  • Quiet operation that doesn’t disturb the serene environment

  • Smooth operation

  • Pedals for when you want to workout or go faster

  • Front and rear safety lighting to increase your visibility on dark roads

Since most trips outside of campgrounds and recreational vehicle parks are short distances, electric bikes are ideal RV essentials. You can even outfit them with accessories such as baskets to increase its carrying capacity beyond the included cargo rack. Take a test ride and you’ll wonder how you ever vacationed without one.

Order Today

Now you know what make electric bikes and RVs perfect match candidates, the only thing left to do is see for yourself by taking one for a spin yourself. To find your local E-Lux Electric Bikes dealership or learn more about the different available models, contact us online or give us a call at 949-440-1967 today.

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#RVElectricBike #RVEssentials #ELuxElectricBikes

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