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10 Great Tips for Safe Summer Biking

Summer Bike Riding Safety Tips | E-Lux Electric Bikes

Summer’s finally here, and the warm weather holds a lot of fun times for families, but there are also additional risks when more people are enjoying the great outdoors. Summer bike riding is more common than ever among young, old, and middle-aged Americans, so biking safety must be a high priority. Even electric bike safety is now a concern. Here are some great tips that can help bicyclists stay safe all summer long.

  1. Wear a Helmet and Protective Gear. This one’s pretty straightforward. The head, knees, and elbows are exposed and vulnerable, so it’s important to keep them well-protected.

  2. Practice and Become a Better Rider. Improving one’s skills also increases his or her safety. Getting out there and practicing is a great way to boost a bicyclist’s confidence on the road.

  3. Follow the Direction of Traffic. A cyclist has the same rights and responsibilities on the road as other vehicles, so ride on the right side and keep safely with the flow of traffic.

  4. Be Aware of Pedestrians. Be aware of surroundings in general, but especially pedestrians. It’s crucial to pass pedestrians carefully and communicate with them that the bike is about to pass them.

  5. Use Dependable Equipment. Take all necessary steps to ensure the bicycle being used is in good working condition. This way, there is little chance of a malfunction that can cause an accident.

  6. Maintain a Moderate Speed. This is especially important when riding an electric bike. Be sure to remember that they are generally faster than other bicycles.

  7. Minimize Distractions. Put the headphones and cell phone away. Avoid texting and anything else that can keep a rider’s eyes and ears off the road and reduce focus and concentration.

  8. Watch for Weather. When possible, avoid riding during bad storms, as they cause poor visibility and wet, slippery roads. Such conditions increase the chances of a collision or a serious fall. Also, don’t forget the sun block.

  9. Be Visible. Wear bright clothing when riding during the day, and make sure the bicycle is equipped with a working light whenever riding at night.

  10. Select Safe Routes. Keep to bike lanes when possible, and avoid roads with the heaviest traffic. It’s best to have routes planned out ahead of time.

The above tips should be helpful in practicing good biking safety. For more information on electric bikes and electric bike safety, contact E-Lux Electric Bikes today. Enjoy a fun, exciting summer, and keep that summer bike riding safe.

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