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Do You Know What The Most Expensive Part of an Ebike Is? Don’t Make This Mistake!

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Do you know what the most expensive part of an e-bike is? Don't make this mistake. Let me tell you a story. Do you remember those hoverboards all the kids were riding? There was a cheap one and there was an expensive one. Then the cheap ones started fires in people's homes. People got hurt and it killed that entire industry. That was from cheap batteries with paper and plastic casings. Lithium is flammable when holding a charge. And metal penetrating a paper casing can cause shorts.

Did you know that the battery is the most expensive part of an E-bike? Close to one-third of the total build cost. I'm a manufacturer so I know.

So what do you think is the first place a manufacturer's gonna cut when they wanna make a cheap bike? The battery.

Whether you get one of our bikes or another brand, make sure it has good-quality cells in the battery. Samsung or Panasonic are the best. LG runs a close second. And watch out for cheap Chinese brand bikes that claim they have brand name cells. There are a lot of counterfeit batteries out there.

Remember, you get what you pay for.


JP Blake is co-founder and CEO of E-Lux Electric Bikes, founded in 2014 in Fountain Valley, California. As an electric bike industry pioneer and overseas manufacturing expert, JP has logged several years from China to Thailand, co-creating luxury e-bikes for the US market. JP has contributed his insider perspective to local government projects including bike lane expansion on the coast of Huntington Beach and aiding the OC Transportation Authority in the development of bicycle and e-bike trails.

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