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EBike 101 - Know These Pedal Assist Advantages Before You Buy!

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Thinking about e-bikes. Know these Pedal Assist advantages before you buy.

By now you probably know there are three ways to pedal an e-bike. The old-fashioned way with your legs. A Throttle. You'll want a Thumb Throttle. And last with Pedal Assist. Pedal Assist came from Europe where Throttles were banned. Some E-bikes have Throttles, Some have Pedal Assist, and some have both. Make sure you get a bike with both.

While Throttles are fun, Pedal Assist can add convenience to your ride. Kind of like cruise control in your car. I love to use Pedal Assist when I'm on the bike trail across the Newport Bay. If I want to cruise I just set it on level one and as long as I'm pedaling the bike holds steady at seven miles an hour. If I'm on my way home and I wanna step it up and really boogie, I set it to level five and it holds steady at 28 miles an hour. The beauty is that I don't have to hold the Throttle at all, and that's great.

I just give it a little juice with the Throttle to get up to speed and let Pedal Assist do the rest. But don't forget Throttles have their advantages too.


JP Blake is co-founder and CEO of E-Lux Electric Bikes, founded in 2014 in Fountain Valley, California. As an electric bike industry pioneer and overseas manufacturing expert, JP has logged several years from China to Thailand, co-creating luxury e-bikes for the US market. JP has contributed his insider perspective to local government projects including bike lane expansion on the coast of Huntington Beach and aiding the OC Transportation Authority in the development of bicycle and e-bike trails.

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