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Sick of High Gas Prices? Here’s How Much Ebike’s Save!

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Are you sick of high gas prices? Here's how far you can go on an e-bike for a gallon of gas. At five bucks a gallon, you'll get about 20 miles in a car these days. But how does that convert to an e-bike?

Well first let's say gas is at five bucks.

Then we know the range of a high quality 48 volt 20AH battery with Samsung cells is about 50 miles conservatively.

Now we multiply the battery voltage times the amp hours to get the battery watt-hours. 48 times 20 is close to a thousand-watt hours or one kilowatt. And the local cost per kilowatt hour in Southern California is at 34 cents right now.

So 34 cents to charge a battery that goes 50 miles.

We divide $5 by 34 to learn we can charge the battery 14.7 times.

14.7 charges times 50 miles equals 735.

So an E-bike goes 735 miles for the same price as a gallon of gas!

Plus the E-bikes are more fun, easier to park, and don't put out any smog!

So you should ride an e-bike!


JP Blake is co-founder and CEO of E-Lux Electric Bikes, founded in 2014 in Fountain Valley, California. As an electric bike industry pioneer and overseas manufacturing expert, JP has logged several years from China to Thailand, co-creating luxury e-bikes for the US market. JP has contributed his insider perspective to local government projects including bike lane expansion on the coast of Huntington Beach and aiding the OC Transportation Authority in the development of bicycle and e-bike trails.

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