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The Best E-Lux Electric Bikes for Women

Updated: May 13, 2022

E-Lux Electric Bikes makes models that can suit everyone’s unique needs. Whether you want a bike that is perfect for commuting or hitting the trails for an adventure, we have an option that will work for you. Many women, especially relatively petite women, find that climbing over the top of a standard bicycle frame can be a little too high. So our step-thru models and lower frame models are great options. Below are some models that work perfectly for women, shorter people and older riders who may not want to swing a leg over the top of a regular e-bike.

But what else makes E-Lux bikes great for female riders? There are many things that are important to all riders, from discussions over the years with our female clientele we've learned and put into our designs features that they hold important. From safety to comfort to ease of use, E-Lux bikes have you covered.

Benefits of E-Lux Electric Bikes for Women Riders

  1. Adjustable Seat Heights - For shorter women it can be unnerving and even unsafe when they come to a stop and have to lean to one side or jump to their tippy toes to be able to reach the ground. E-Lux bikes have adjustable seat heights that can be lowered beyond industry standards to allow for both feet to safely touch the ground when the bike has come to a stop.

  2. Adjustable Acceleration - E-Lux bikes have the ability to soften acceleration. Our e-bikes are among the most powerful in the industry. This is great for those wanting speed or for climbing hills. Some people can be surprised at how powerful e-bikes take off. E-Lux bikes were designed specifically to be able to adjust acceleration so that it can be softer for those wanting a more comfortable, safe and easy riding take off, but can be strengthened for those wanting off the line performance or more power when starting up hills. The added benefit of softening acceleration is extended range for long distance rides!

  3. Lower Center of Gravity - Many e-bikes have batteries that are located higher on the bike or above the rear wheels. E-Lux integrates its batteries along the downtube or seatpost for better weight distribution and lower center of gravity. This allows for increased ease in riding, more control in turns, and reduced feeling of tipping over when stopped.

  4. Safety in Mind through Improved Visibility - E-Lux was the first and still one of the few electric bike makers that incorporate Headlight, Taillight and Break Light into every one of our bike models. Not only does this provide better ability to ride in low light conditions, it provides warning to riders behind you when you are slowing down and those in front of you that you are approaching.

With this features in mind, have a look through the bikes we've listed below that we feel are optimal choices for women electric bike rides.

Malibu Stepthru GT

The Malibu Stepthru GT is from our flagship line of electric bikes. It has relatively thin tires and a comfortable, upright riding position. Like the standard Malibu, it is ideal for commuting or just cruising around town.

GT models feature a 750-watt Dapu brushless geared hub motor and a 48-volt, 21-ampere-hour Samsung lithium-ion battery. These flagship models can take you faster and further than the non-GT options.

With a stepthru frame, this bike is easy to mount for any rider. This bike will offer you an excellent experience, whether you are taking it to work or just cruising.

Tahoe Stepthru GT

Like the Malibu GT, the Tahoe Stepthru GT is also part of our flagship line of bikes. It has the same drivetrain with the 750-watt motor and 21-ampere-hour battery. The Tahoe’s fat tire design makes it great for heading on trails or across the beach. It also has an upright riding position that is ultra-comfortable no matter what surface you are riding on.

This bike’s stepthru design helps to make it more comfortable to mount than the standard Tahoe frame. With this bike, you can enjoy ultimate power, speed, range and luxury as you ride around town.

Sierra GT

If you want something that is a little more compact, consider the Sierra GT. The Sierra models are folding bikes, meaning they can more easily be taken on public transportation, put in a car trunk or stored in a small area. Riders love taking these around town because they are exceptionally convenient.

The Sierra GT features a 750-watt Bafang brushless geared hub motor and a 48-volt, 11-ampere-hour Samsung lithium-ion battery. You can reach speeds up to 26 miles per hour on this bike while enjoying the convenience of its small frame. It is very adjustable and ideal for riders of all sizes. Plus, it helps you take all sorts of adventure both around town and off-road.

Malibu Stepthru

Finally, we recommend the Malibu Stepthru for riders who want the comfort and convenience of a stepthru commuter bike but aren’t as concerned with performance. This bike is very similar to the Malibu Stepthru GT. However, it has a 500-watt motor and a 48-volt, 14-ampere-hour battery. You can also optionally upgrade to the same 21-ampere-hour battery as the GT version.

Order Your Electric Bike Today

All four of the above bikes are great for women and other riders who may want a frame that requires less climbing. E-Lux Electric Bikes can help you find the ideal e-bike for your needs. Plus, you can test ride our models to make sure you’ve found the right fit.

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