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Thinking About an Ebike? Avoid These Kinds of Throttles!

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Are you thinking about an e-bike? Avoid these kinds of Throttles.

Did you know that there are three types of e-bike Throttles? The first two are half-grip and full-grip Throttles, and you don't want either. First, these types of Throttles move and you have less control of the bike because you're trying to grip the Throttle and the handlebar at the same time. Second, it's harder to break. You have to let go of the entire Throttle first then grab the bar to apply pressure. This delays your breaking.

Third, did you know most people grab bikes by the grips if they wanna move them or get on 'em? If somebody grabs the bike by the Throttle, the bike's gonna launch. Fourth, they strain your hand and wrist, holding the Throttle open while riding takes a strong grip on the bar. If that's not enough strain, wait till you hit a pothole.

Now, fifth, you're stuck with the grip that they provide. A lot of them have hard plastic grips that are uncomfortable.

Thumb Throttles are safer and way. Here's why.

First, you have more control, because both hands are on the grips and not something that moves.

Second, you can break quicker and easier.

Third, if somebody grabs a handlebar, the bike isn't gonna launch.

Fourth, there's less strain on your hands and wrist.

And fifth, it works with any grip that you like. So whether you get one of our bikes or another brand, make sure you get one with a Thumb Throttle.


JP Blake is co-founder and CEO of E-Lux Electric Bikes, founded in 2014 in Fountain Valley, California. As an electric bike industry pioneer and overseas manufacturing expert, JP has logged several years from China to Thailand, co-creating luxury e-bikes for the US market. JP has contributed his insider perspective to local government projects including bike lane expansion on the coast of Huntington Beach and aiding the OC Transportation Authority in the development of bicycle and e-bike trails.

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