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Tips for Riding Safely on the Beach and Boardwalks

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

One of the best things about riding an electric bike is discovering all the many places you can explore. Whether you live near a beach or you’re planning to travel to one, riding a ebike on the beach and boardwalk is a fun experience that can also be a great workout. But it’s important to plan for conditions you’ll commonly find at the beach and make sure you’re prepared to ride safely.

If you want to make sure your beach-riding trip ends in success and not disaster, prepare adequately for your venture. Here are some tips for riding safely on the beach and boardwalks.

Learn Hand Signals

You may think they seem goofy or unnecessary, but hand signals are essential for alerting other people about what actions you plan to take on your e-bike. The most important hand signals to learn are the ones that indicate you are:

  • Turning right

  • Turning left

  • Stopping

It is important to learn these signals, at a minimum. You may be surprised to discover how many people know what these hand signals mean. Just as it’s important to use blinkers, hazard lights, and other important signals while you’re driving, it’s also important to use appropriate hand signals while riding your bicycle on the beach or boardwalk.

Call Out or Alert Other Boardwalk Users

Boardwalks tend to be busy, and you’ll likely deal with foot traffic as well as other bicycle riders. If you plan to pass anyone, always make sure you call out to them to alert them that you are passing. Otherwise, they might accidentally step out in front of you at the last minute and you could both be injured.

You might also want to equip your Elux Bike with a bell so that you can ring the bell whenever you approach an individual or group of people on the beach or boardwalk. Simply ring the bell as you approach to alert others around you that you are passing them.

Maintain a Safe Speed

When you feel the salt wind in your face and the sun on your back, you might feel energized and want to ride your bike as fast as you can. But this would be a mistake. Always maintain a safe speed on the beach and boardwalks so that you can quickly come to a stop if you need to. If you ride too fast, you increase your risk of running into and injuring others.

Wear the Proper Safety Gear

Don’t forget to wear appropriate safety gear no matter where you’re riding your bicycle. A helmet and gloves can go a long way toward protecting you in the event of a collision. It’s especially important to wear protective gear if you’re riding an electric bike, which can reach speeds up to 40 mph! Remember, just because your Elux Bike can go fast, that doesn’t mean you should go fast!

Always Lock Your Bicycle Up

If you ever get off your bike to check out the view or the shops along the boardwalk, always lock it up. Otherwise, you could end up stranded on the boardwalk with no bike and no way to get to your destination.

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