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Tips for RVing and E-biking

What two activities could be more enjoyable than RVing and E-biking? Camping and biking are a match made in heaven, but there are some things you should know before you take your ebike with you on your next camping venture. Here are some tips from E-Lux Bikes for successfully RVing and E-biking.

Get a Good Auto Rack

You don’t just want to toss your expensive electric bike into your RV and call it good. To keep your bike and your RV safe from damage, it’s important to invest in a good auto bike rack. A bumper bike rack is the most popular type to put on the back of your motorhome. You can buy an adapter as needed so that you can install a bumper rack on your motorhome.

If you’re towing a trailer instead of driving a motorhome, you probably don’t want to use a bumper-mounted rack to transport your bike. This is because trailer bumpers have a reputation for being a little too weak to handle bumper racks. For trailers, truck bed bike racks may be a better option. If you have a fifth-wheel trailer and can’t install a truck bed bike rack, you may want to consider a roof rack, front bumper rack, or even a rack that attaches to the trailer ladder.

Keep Your Bike Dry

Electric components and water don’t typically mix well, and the same is true for electric bicycles and rain. When transporting your ebike, try to keep it as dry as possible. A tiny bit of rain won’t ruin it, but it’s best not to let it get completely soaked at any time.

If you know you’re going to be driving in inclement weather, consider investing in a heavy-duty ebike cover. These covers don’t cost much but can give you peace of mind that your investment isn’t corroding away in a heavy downpour. When you get to your camping destination, park your bike under the trailer awning or somewhere else out of direct exposure to the elements. These precautions will help extend the lifespan of your electric bike.

Choose Your Camping Destinations Wisely

If riding your bike while camping is important to you, choose camping destinations that are located near well-maintained trails and roadways. If you prefer riding on paved roads, choose a camping location that’s near smooth, finished roads.

Lock Up!

Part of the fun of camping is getting out and exploring your surroundings. If you want to do a little hiking or shopping, make sure you lock your electric bike up when you leave. Use a heavy-duty U-lock since cheaper locks and cables may be easier to break into.

If possible, keep your ebike tucked away out of sight any time you leave so it doesn’t tempt any ill-intentioned passersby. You’d be surprised how quickly a determined thief can make off with your bicycle if it isn’t securely locked up. You may also want to invest in bicycle insurance that will help you recoup the cost of your bicycle if it’s ever stolen.

With these tips in mind, you’re now ready to plan your upcoming RVing and ebiking adventure!

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